Sweet Spain, necessarily I begin with the descent of the mountain, in a landscape less steep, more open, and also sunny.
Along the Rio Aragón the name of the province.


I'm still on a secondary path that goes through Jaca:



with this little chapel in the city:


Once out of town I quickly take the local habit of siesta:



Here many mounds of pebbles, probably made by pilgrims:



The small village of Arrès, known for its stop Donativo (the pilgrim gives those he can for eat and sleep). 
A good memory because in addition to the guided tour of the village, we end the evening with an exchange of impressions
on the way.





Here a local club of hikers, we meet at the village bar, and I am invited to share the meal of 11H with them.


 The same day I arrive in the province of Navarre, a long straight line in an uninhabited landscape:



 I arrive to Sanguësa, with its original rooftops:



and one of the 3 churches :



From the city I take a bus to the South of the Province and its Bardenas Reales Natural Park. 
A semi - arid desert, a training ground for the NATO air force.
I do not recommend going on foot because even of the city where I was, Arguedas, which is very close to the entrance of the park, 
there are 23 kms return to see the first interesting site, without water on the road of course.

For my part I was lucky enough to stop a campers Flemish pensioners very nice, we went around the park together with photo 
stops, outings and meals.
This park is beautiful but not designed for hiking (few trails and poorly marked).




The caves-troglodyte dwellings of the village at the edge of the park, still inhabited in the last century.




 I join Pamplona by bus, and I resume walking, I'm on the Camino Francés which is the busiest way to get to Santiago.


 At the Zabaldika Hostel, I enjoy myself because the hospitable people are very kind, we even eat a specialty of the Canaries.


In the church will be held late evening exchange and prayer with the nuns, they are trilingual and so sympathetic.


Here the presentaion of the church translated into several languages, including Korean, I cross a lot of different nationality , which for some people, walk in kimono.



I meet new people like this English couple and their daughter. An ambassador of the way of St Jacques, because he realized the way a dozen times, here his backpack:

I am now heading to the north and the famous village of Roncesvalles, the first stop in Spain for pilgrims attacking the path at St Jean Pied de Port.

I meet a lot of people, there are 400 by day who leave the Basque city. I just have to see where they are to find the way, because being in the opposite direction, I have no markup.



In Larrasoaña, there are more pilgrims than inhabitants, the offer to sleep is not lacking and we are all full in all the place.



I leave this crowd quickly, while enjoying the warm welcome of the Basques, to now head West to the Atlantic Ocean.

There is in Spain the GR 11, which joins the Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea crossing the Pyrenees Mountains, parallel to GR 10, the equivalence in France but the eleven one is easier. It's call the Transpirenaieca.

The border is materialized by a barbed wire fence, animals, sheep, cows and horses are in total freedom.

Here I meet a group of hikers from Valencia.

The path :






I arrive now at the Ocean, I leave for some time the average mountain. One thing is sure the city does not suit me and I am already hurry to find the serenity of nature.








And we put escalators outdoors, to get from the road to buildings, they are crazy these humans ...







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