Here I am in the Hautes-Pyrénées, finished the vines. Welcome green forests and rivers. Attests the many improvised bridges on the way: 



Very quickly I join the city of Pau where I meet Carmen in front of the Henri IV castle, the heat justifies the summer outfit: 


The road continue ... 

I arrive to Oloron Ste Marie, the cottage is full. We can know it just be seeing the wet clothes, here I meet Brazilian, Canadian, Australian, Spanish and French


This is the entry into the Pyrenees, through the Aspe valley, in Béarn (64). 



At the beginnig of this enchanting landscape, I stop at the monastery of Sarrance which welcomes the pilgrims and other people who wish to find calm. In lack of hospitable to welcome and cook, brothers ask me if I want to stay 5 days to cook, what I do. A beautiful experience but not easy 

Which allows me to visit the surroundings: 

Here the rise to the king's throne at 1268m above sea level, a difference of 900m over 4kms 


Another walk to do absolutely in the same valley, the path of maturity by the GR 10. Between two steep mountains, the path on the side of a cliff, overlooking a beautiful stream. 







A small detour through the Lescun Valley and its unique circus


At the very top is the sheepfold and shelters, including the villa of "private of love"



Finally more than 310 miles after my departure I join the Spanish border at the Somport pass. Hourrahhhhhhhh ¡¡¡¡Ultreía ¡¡¡¡¡ 



Animal photos :


A la Proxima en España;)



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