I leave the island on the Sunrise to Turangi, a river fishing village (trout), not far from the volcanoes of the Tongariro National Park. These famous ones I watched from Taupo a few weeks ago. The snow has melted since the other time which allows me to carry out hikes on average altitude. It is still not possible to climb the heights but this is only part shed because the Te Araroa (Trek) passes through this place.

The French and his German girlfriend who are volunteering in the same place as me share the insurance for a car  which allows us to go there.   





My stay is in awhi farm which is a sustainable development farm, with dry toilets, solar shower, gardens and electric autonomy. I take this opportunity to learn more about Maori history, their languages, history and their customs. The village is ideally placed in a valley where hot springs from volcanoes are numerous. Some swim there, others cook the hangi.

As here or the vegetables are cooked in the heat of the steam of the groundwater, this is an open air Maori cuisine:


Young people leave, others arrive... I own now a car for 10 dollars... the work on the farm is a lot of gardening and wood. 

Lake Rotopounamu :


 I  will stay 12 days and no more as originally planned. I found a job above Auckland to do the cleaning and gardening in a villa of 150 m2. Back to ' normal ' life before my next departure for the Trek. I stay three weeks in a Kiwi family and their 3 teenagers. 

Photo of a Maori meeting at a bus stopover:



 I take advantage of all the comforts before my departure. And also make a few encounters especially at this evening on the day of the full moon Eclipse. It is the end of Matariki, the celebrations of the Maori new year that begins when the stars of the Pleiades or seven sisters appear in the sky on June 15th this year. 

The community of Paremoremo organizes a hangi. This famous Maori meal. This is prepared in a different way than previously explained because there are no point of hot water sources. We put stones to cook in a fire before depositing it at the bottom of a hole, then we bring the vegetables and meat on the stones in metal crates that are covered with cloth and a bucket before depositing over a dozen centimetres thickness of earth. Cooking 4 hours.




To finish some curiosities of the local flora and fauna:


The silver fern, country emblem :  


Wood Pigeon :

Oyster catcher :

Paradise duck : 


The month of July is elapsed it is the 31st and I start to prepare myself for the great departure hoping to be as light as the bird on the way of my initiation in Nature. 

See you sooon on the Te Araroa!!!



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