July 2018:
After desperately looking for work in pruning, like waitress, etc ... the life that seems to have closed all the doors leading to a job, makes me decide to volunteer for various tasks. 
The two families who propose to welcome me are Maori.
So I take the direction of Auckland to take the ferry to Waiheke Island where I will stay ten days. During the crossing we go along several isolated islands like this one. 
There is nevertheless a farm on each one so a family per island ...



Welcome by Jeanine, a fashion artist, I will quickly be responsible for the garden and the household because in addition to her and her son reside here 3 Chileans 
and 3 Argentineans in the house above his workshop. The first evening is the departure meal of the volunteer that I replace. I learn poker simplifies and throws me
in several games that chance giving me good cards I win easily. Fortunately they are good players and we sit down to table around 23:30 ...
What a pleasure to converse in Spanish!


In the morning I enjoy the view from the terrace:

After cutting dry palm trees to light the chimney ...

I take the "crazy" decision to go to the Far East. People who take me hitchhiking tell me that it is the end of the world, I do not understand it is only 50 kms back. 
I finally understand when the 3rd person who takes me hitch up on a dirt track, far from everything ... The place I'm looking for: Stony Batter is still 12 kms walk.
I do not feel bad and believe in my luck. It is more than 3 hours after noon.
Indeed 2 kms further a Maori worker takes me hitchhiking almost to my final destination. What to finish on foot and enjoy the atmosphere of the place 
and its landscapes between vineyards and panoramic views of the mountains east of the Coromandel region, including the pinnacles that I discovered when I arrived.

 Unfortunately the Sun is already low in the sky I have to go back and try to find someone to bring me back to my departure point. I met a shepherd with his Quad and the dog on the trailer... I see myself asking him to sit in his trailer...  after 2 kms of walking it is a man who stops to bring me to the next city. A very funny Maori will take me hitchhiking, then an old sailor not very smiling and finally two of the Argentinians guys who live with me, who just finish to work. It is the beginning of the night when I arrive at the House. It is barely 6pm, it took me 8 different people to bring me to this singular place. I did well to believe in my luck...

The next few days I will spend a lot of free time at the beach at sunset and do some hiking including all the West Coast. 







I also make some sketches from the garden Lounger 


On Friday I participate to the preparation of the community meal. In New Zealand, in every city there are communities gathering around collective projects, environmental, cultural, artistic etc... For this meal, all the restaurants in the City give the foods that have recently expired and the little bit old vegetables and fruit, they are then cook s by the volunteers. I realize a recipe that I am learning: a Sun with vegetables. 

I also participate to the inauguration of a local artists exhibition with the participation of Maori musicians and works in a clothing store for party and event, a real Cave of Ali Baba. Time flies after visiting the good half of the island I feel ready to go back towards the South.


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