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My name is Mélanie Foulon, I'm 34 years old.

I have an atypical personal and professional background: foremost I love nature, and from my almost permanent contact with it, I paint and take photography. In addition I practice meditation, which allows me to stay long moments in the contemplation of these charms. I love long hikes in simplicity : discover new landscapes, people and cultures. I make a work on my innerself and transmete my teaching to the new people I meet.


I traveled in many European countries (Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, Macedonia, Greece, etc ...), in New-Zealand and Canada.

I know France pretty well.



Of all these passions, of my "perpetual" desire for adventures and discoveries, I decided to build my travels.

I build my personality with trust in the life, and the unknown. Trying to share one humanist vision, humble, base on Love for my self and other.

I travel with my camera and a notebook to write all the little anecdotes I can meet on the road.

See you soon on the roads from here and elsewhere.










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