On July 20th, 2019, I went to Provence with the aim to join the city of Aix en Provence to the grotte Marie-Madeleine, in the massif of Sainte-Baume.

I started my journey with a step in Salon de Provence, curious to visit the city of Michel of Notre Dame, said Nostradamus:

Before discovering Aix, where I visited Paul Cezanne's studio and the cathedral's cloister :

 I take advantage of the early evening to start walking and leave the city. Then join Nature via the Aurelia Way, a way which connect Rome to Santiago de Compostela.

As the heat wave were announced for the whole week, I bought a fan with the motive of a Cezanne painting on its most painted subject (about twenty works): the Sainte Victoire mountain ...



That great I will pass by foot next this massif which will also nourish my inspiration. As evidenced by the many shots I am showing you today:

For my first night of camp I find a stunny view and met an Argentinian family with whom I will practice for almost an hour my spanish, subject: nature, the place lends itself so well. The contact is wonderfully and it is after taking a picture almost fraternal that we leave:



At sunrise I'm already on the way:

The day ahead, the places in the shade dicrease, I happily left with enough water, 5 liters of water is my minimum daily.

A cyclist gives me a bottle full of precious liquid, he knows that he will join his car in a short time ...


Remains of a chapel:

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